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This workshop focuses on engaging God, and it unveils the inner workings of the heart, including the little-known realm of desire that drives our behavior. You'll also learn Jesus' way of change, how to pray your desire, and revel in our signature Taste of Heaven experience.


This workshop is about taking your relationships to a deeper level, and relating out of your deep desires. You'll learn to use positive challenge instead of confrontation, how to speak words of life to desires in others, and how to build cultures of feedback and transparency.


This workshop focuses on engaging your life circumstances from the heart. Your own life story will be rewritten from heaven's perspective in the unique Taste of Heaven encounter (each workshop has a different one!), and you'll  learn the reframing techniques  to do the same for those you coach. 


This a practicum on Encounter Coaching: creating experiential encounters with Jesus during the coaching conversation that transform beliefs, heal memories and free people to live from their true desires. This workshop has tons of practice time but no Taste of Heaven experience.

Community Groups
Community Groups
A weekly online group for leaders who want to practice their coaching skills and for mutual encouragement.
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  • Growing Together
    Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12 Noon ET Sign up Here to receive the Zoom Link Redwood trees thrive in thick groves where their roots reach out and intertwine with other redwoods, growing very close together, supporting one another and sharing nutrients. Because they grow so close together, they are able to withstand a lot of what nature might bring, like floods, winds and even fires. “Only redwoods have the strength and ability to support other redwoods.” Partnering with Jason Wells and Terry Lee (both experienced Certified Encounter Coaches and Trainers with Leadership Meta-Formation), Great Relationships hosts a recurring Zoom Call just for Coaches. Why? Because when we are alone, we are vulnerable, and coaching whether offered as a business or a ministry, is primarily practiced alone. Inspired by the redwoods, this is simply a time of connection and community just for coaches - no agenda and totally free! We grow as we listen and offer one another support. And, we stand stronger because we are together! If you are a coach, join us for this strictly relational time. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12 Noon ET Sign up Here to receive the Zoom Link
  • Questions for Jesus Reconnect
    Every 4th Tuesday of the month at 12 Noon ET Sign up Here to receive the Zoom Link This group is designed for those who want to practice the tools from Questions for Jesus, connect for solutions to common hindrances and take their skills to a new level. Based on the book and Leadership Meta-Formation Course created by Tony Stoltzfus, Questions for Jesus is a compelling new approach to intimacy with God, based on praying about your relationship instead of what you are doing. Using simple relational questions in conversations with God. Facilitated by trained Encounter Coaches, “Reconnect” helps you to continue using the Questions for Jesus model learned even after the course or workshop has ended. You be with others who want to want more practice in asking, hearing and helping others do the same. Every 4th Tuesday of the month at 12 Noon ET Sign up Here to receive the Zoom Link


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A fresh approach to helping marriages that engages couples where they are motivated to grow and change.  You define the outcome of coaching and pursue goals that you want to accomplish. Practice skills of loving listening, curious asking, and effective goal-setting.  

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Questions for Jesus

Go on the exhilarating adventure of hearing Jesus speak to the deepest places of your heart. Your own desires will surface as the meditations help you enter into the thoughts and feelings of characters in the gospel of Matthew. After watching Jesus touch that person’s desire, the book will launch your own heart encounter with five creative, intimate questions for Jesus.

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In this practical, down-to-earth manual on heart change, master coach Tony Stoltzfus teaches you the revolutionary approach he’s used to walk thousands of Christian leaders through personal transformation. Behavior comes from the heart, and the heart is motivated by our desires--desires for things like for recognition, acceptance, significance, or joy. 

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