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The GR Story

Under the wisdom, friendship, and gentle leadership of Jeff Williams, Great Relationships began 2018 with a question: "What would the lives of those affected by your organization look like in the future?" The Answer: "We will be living joy-filled, peaceful, relaxed, loving, affectionate, hopeful, and fun lives together out of whole and healthy hearts that look and feel like Jesus to each other and those we impact."


Jeff’s season of brokenness had deeply impacted his heart for those in leadership; that they would be living life surrounded as he so well describes in his own words.  



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Great Relationships is a team, a network, and a vision of those on a passionate pursuit of great relationships.  We do this by the way in which we lead, which is together, and by providing opportunities to leaders through resources, training, and community. 


For several years now, Great Relationship has succeeded in hosting Leadership Meta-Formation workshops, leadership coaching courses, classes, and frequent peer-coaching opportunities and that have enriched and equipped the lives of leaders and participants around the world.   


In July of 2019, we experienced the earthly departure of our dear friend, leader, facilitator, and co-founder Jeff Williams.  He was given new marching orders (as Jeff would put it) to be with Jesus in Heaven.  In the midst of this loss, we’ve experienced the Lord’s comfort and favor as we’ve continued to serve, train, and equip leaders so that they lead with a healthy heart.


Founded as a non-profit in December 2009, Great Relationship first sought to build healthy relationships in marriages and families.  The God-birthed vision was that every marriage would live with abundant hope, pleasure and purpose for the Kingdom of God!  Applying the coaching approach to marriage, Jeff and Jill Williams wrote curriculum and trained couples through 3 levels of training.  


In 2012 Great Relationships received tax-exempt status as a 501©3 with the IRS just as Jeff and Jill were returning from a 3-week trip to train leadership couples in S. Asia.  Since its birth, Great Relationships has coached and trained thousands of couples from nearly 50 countries through its seminars, classes and sessions.

Our Story

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Great Relationships Now and Forever!


Pursuing Great Relationships through Training, Resources, and Community.

Executive Director

Jill Williams

Jill began coaching marriages alongside her husband Jeff in 2006 and in 2009 they founded Great Relationships to strengthen marriages and families by training Marriage Coaches. Together they co-authored the book, Marriage Coaching: Heart, Hope, and Skills for a Great Relationship and 3 levels of Marriage Coaching Training curriculum.

After 10 years of training hundreds of leadership couples around the world, their relationship broke down.

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“It was during this season that I experienced transformation in my relationship with Jesus through the Questions for Jesus book by Tony Stoltzfus. I met Jesus in my pain and the new way of relating with Jesus in those precious days healed my heart and has protected it for life.” 
The inspiring story of Jeff and Jill’s marriage recovery can be found in their book, Starting Over: When Your Marriage Has Been Devastated.
Jill has a strong background in business, administration and management working many years in accounting and human resources which has equipped her to bring strong leadership to GR as its President and Executive Director since Jeff’s passing in 2019.  
In addition to Coaching Marriages, Jill has completed training as an Encounter Coach with Leadership Meta-Formation, and in her free time she enjoys hiking, writing and spending time with her family. She is a mother to three and has five grandchildren.  

Our Board
These dedicated men and women provide spiritual covering, financial accountability and serve together as a community of friends to fulfill the mission of Great Relationships
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Terry Lee

Editor in Chief

Michelle Maillet.jpg

Michelle Jimenez

Assistant Manager

Brian Wonn photo.jpg

Brian Wonn

Programming Editor

Karl Madden Photo.JPG

Karl Madden

Art Director

Meg Madden Photo.JPG

Meg Madden

Art Director

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