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Get equipped to live, lead and love from the heart.


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A fresh approach to helping marriages that engages couples where they are motivated to grow and change.  You define the outcome of coaching and pursue goals that you want to accomplish. Practice skills of loving listening, curious asking, and effective goal-setting.  

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Go on the exhilarating adventure of hearing Jesus speak to the deepest places of your heart. Your own desires will surface as the meditations help you enter into the thoughts and feelings of characters in the gospel of Matthew. After watching Jesus touch that person’s desire, the book will launch your own heart encounter with five creative, intimate questions for Jesus.

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In this practical, down-to-earth manual on heart change, master coach Tony Stoltzfus teaches you the revolutionary approach he’s used to walk thousands of Christian leaders through personal transformation. Behavior comes from the heart, and the heart is motivated by our desires--desires for things like for recognition, acceptance, significance, or joy. 

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Sharing their not-so-flattering story of moral and marital failure, Jeff and Jill Williams open up their personal lives for all of us to see their journey from the broken beginning to complete restoration, pointing to God, their Healer, all the way. Their fall was devastating, both personally and professionally, as recognized and well-known Christian leaders and the consequences were severe.

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