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Community, Resources & Training to Help You

Become a Thriving Christian Leader

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How would your life & leadership change if you...

heard Jesus speak to the deepest desires of your heart everyday?

had the coaching tools to lead people into life-changing encounters with Jesus?

connected with other leaders with the same heart and values regularly?

Being Connected to Leaders with the Same Heart & Values Can Make All The Difference!

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Your Path to 
Thrive as a Christian Leader
Tools & Resources
Join an online group of like-minded leaders for support, prayer and sharpening tools
Four Powerful, Interactive Workshops to Help You Live, Lead, and Coach from the Heart. 
We connect you to life-changing resources to feed your soul and fuel your ministry.
You Weren't Meant to Do Life & Ministry Alone! 
All of our groups, resources, and training are designed to give you opportunities to grow as a leader and connect with others.
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Great Relationships, through their ministry and workshops, has activated our congregation into deeper personal relationships with Jesus and given them the tools to minister to their friends and families. 


-Pastor Freda Thomas

Going through Encounter Coach training has enabled me to experience a new level of intimacy with Jesus, as well as freedom and healing in many past relationships and circumstances, which had left a painful imprint on my soul. 

-Cassius Soares, Australia
Resources to Help You Thrive
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This book takes you on the exhilarating adventure of hearing Jesus speak to the deepest places of your heart. Your own desires will surface as the meditations help you enter into the thoughts and feelings of characters in the gospel of Matthew. 
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In this practical, down-to-earth manual on heart change, master coach Tony Stoltzfus teaches you the revolutionary approach he’s used to walk thousands of Christian leaders through personal transformation. 
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Practice skills of loving listening, curious asking, and effective goal-setting.  Enjoy new, hopeful and pleasurable emotional experiences as you communicate about sensitive heart issues in a way that builds your relationship
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We are proud to be an official affiliate of Leadership Meta-Formation. Through our partnership, we've trained over 150 people in the encounter coaching model

"I'm a great supporter (and partner) of Great Relationships, and I love what they are doing to keep marriages thriving and help people live from the heart. Having known them for almost 20 years, I am confident you’ll receive a great gift from experiencing their ministry, and find they run whatever they do with excellence.”

Tony Stolzfus, Founder of Leadership Meta-Formation

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Chapter 6 of Marriage Coaching: 

"The Heart & Skill of Effective Listening"

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New Book Release!
Sharing their not-so-flattering story of moral and marital failure, Jeff and Jill Williams open up their personal lives for all of us to see their journey from the broken beginning to complete restoration, pointing to God, their Healer, all the way. Their fall was devastating, both personally and professionally, as recognized and well-known Christian leaders, and the consequences were severe. But, it wasn't the end. Starting over was just the beginning of this powerful and transparent God story.
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